Gig Diggers Events and Planning was born out of growing up in a big family , playing Rugby ..attending Rugby Party’s and being out in the music scene in Allentown in The Lehigh Valley located in Pennsylvania . 

 I grew up in a large family as the youngest of 5 children  and my mother loved to cook and organize parties for family and friends . I observed , while growing up , her attention to detail and willingness to provide our large family with many great holiday memories and her friends with very memorable parties . I also played Rugby for over 22 years both Spring and Fall seasons . I started playing when I was 19 years old and the sport of Rugby was enjoyable to compete athletically but the parties were always awesome and the music was a big part of the scene. Which was  even better. One of our main bands was a Band called The Blisters who wrote and recorded a song called The Rugby Rock ! 

By Growing up in a Big Family, attending Rugby Parties and Events and enjoying the Local Music Scene … I was always drawn to the way live music connected a performer and an audience and could transform into a room full of people. 

Over the last 2 years , Gig Diggers has been meeting the huge demand for entertainment at venues, weddings, corporate functions , private events and festivals around Eastern Pennsylvania and Beyond . Supplying top-notch musicians to our clients’ events is only half the equation. The best bands focus on helping each event run smoothly as well as delivering a great performance. We strive to provide our clients with the best of both, and we ​discovered that it can only happen when we represent bands that strive to do the same. The question you need to ask when deciding on music is , can we transform a room into a party? 

Gig Digger Events & Planning makes sure that every band we work with has the magic that got us into this business to begin with. 

Yours in Music ! 

Daniel Benedict (Benny)Gig Digger Events & Planning 


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